Connecticut PBS Visits - 2002 | Print |
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Tuesday, 08 June 2010 18:32

A production team from CTPBS spent an entire day at our home in November, 2002.


ct tv


Seen here is our architect, Steven Strong, being interviewed by producer/director Jennifer Boyd.

I, too, was taped for this series and ended driving the television crew to Solar Market where I filled up my VW with biodiesel.

This series on sustainable living was aired on Connecticut Public Television in early 2003, and then was offered to PBS as a possible series for national distribution.{jcomments on}

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CNN Interviews 'Innovators' at the Maine Solar House | Print |
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Sunday, 06 June 2010 10:55

{jcomments on}A production crew from CNN interviewed our architect, Steven Strong (on the right) and myself about the benefits of solar power.


On either side of the camera is the cameraman and the producer/director.

Has the Sun really risen on solar power in America? You hold the answer.

Our home continues to attrack positive publicity as solar power gains new supporter.

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PBS Nova Documentary | Print |
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Monday, 06 November 2006 07:56

{jcomments on}In the fall of 2006 a production crew from NOVA videotaped our home, inside and out. "Saved by the Sun" aired on April 24th, 2007, and again in October on PBS. 


In the accompanying picture, you can see the NOVA crew taping us on a beautiful fall day. It was a major statement on behalf of solar power...worth seeing a replay if you missed it the first time around. 

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Maine PBS Visits the Maine Solar House | Print |
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Friday, 06 October 2006 14:22

{jcomments on}Two television shows arrived at our home in November...207 from channel 6 in Portland and Maine Public Television's Made in Maine.


Lou McNally, the host of Made in Maine, is seen on the right taping his introduction to the program. Other solar projects and companies in the state were profiled in this 30 minute program.

Lou and his crew were great to work with and had done their homework on solar power. Renewable energy is rising higher in the public's mind each day!

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Voice of America Visits Our Home | Print |
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Friday, 08 October 2004 18:18

{jcomments on}(October, 2004) Sean Liu, of the Voice of America's Chinese Service, flew up to Maine from Washington to do a report on our home in the fall of 2004.


It was telecast on the Asian Television Service of VoA throughout Asia, and then translated into 53 additional languages for use in the rest of the world. That's an audience of more than several hundred million viewers!

What better way to promote solar power than through an international service like the Voice of America. Of course, you might ask, where are the American commercial TV networks? We've had several cable networks here (as well as magazines and newspapers), but to date ABC, CBS or NBC have yet to discover the topic.

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