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Thursday, 15 April 2010 21:52

Seldom do we consider the amount of pollution a home releases to the environment...just sitting there, using electricity and fossil fuels. If we see smoke coming out of the chimney, we can easily grasp the issue of direct pollution. But what of the power plants using fossil fuel to provide us with electricity and then there's heating our homes with oil or gas? It's a complex mix of direct and indirect pollution.

My architect has calculated the benefits to the environment that the Maine Solar House has made. The numbers are, they're actually staggering!

Pollution NOT released in 16 years

~435 lbs NO2 nitrogen dioxide
~876 lbs SO2 sulfur dioxide
~210,000 lbs CO2 carbon dioxide
or 105 tons!

Just one solar house can help reduce global warming gases. What's your home's pollution footprint? The Nature Conservancy has an interactive tool to compute your lifestyle impact on the environment. Sometimes their ad appears on the right. If it doesn't, go here.

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