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Friday, 01 April 2016 18:35

As spring continues its blessed way toward summer, the Maine Solar House continues to provide efficient and comfortable living. Recently, our drone took to the skies to capture the view from 100' - taking a 360-degree circuit around the structure and showing the neighboring Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge and the Atlantic beyond. Enjoy!

We owe our presence here to two great real estate agents who pointed us to this property and then to our architect, Steven Strong, who made 'solar living' possible. 

Solar Data

pv2016aprilDuring the first three months of this year, we generated 1,000 kWhrs of power from our 4,200 watt array. This is slightly less than recent years but keeps us on track for our goal of at least 4,000 kWhrs annually. 

Winter in Maine

fedexWe had one snowstorm of the 10ish" variety and then just a few 1-4" 'dustings'. Come springtime, it's always a delight to see how much damage snow plowing does to our lawn. This year we exceeded expectations as a FEDEX truck barreled down our snow-covered driveway and bogged down, unable to get out. The driver managed to spin his way onto our lawn and became a lawn ornament for a couple of hours - digging into the sod by at least 6". He was most concerned about the lobsters he had to deliver to the airport for shipment out-of-state. A small truck came by and the precious cargo was handed off to another driver while the stranded one waited for a tow truck to rescue him. Winter in Maine is always exciting. 

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