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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 08:55

solar-house-4kWe're sliding toward the really cold months with snow and ice storms the norm. The best thing a properly sited solar house has going for it in the fall and winter is the sun angles - shinning at a much lower angle into our south-facing home. That generates considerable passive solar heat. Our front room can approach 80 degrees even on the coldest of days, thus the need to disipate the extra warmth by opening several windows.

Year-to-date (October 21, 2015), we've generate 3,841 kWhrs of electricity which means we'll easily exceed our annual goal of 4,000 kWrs. Our solar thermal panels are now raising the daily water temperature in our basement tanks to 150 degrees - enough for showers, baths and radiant floor heat.

So as our 20th year of solar living in Maine approaches its end, setting our own energy policy two decades ago has really paid off. Regardless of the rise and fall of fossil fuel prices and national/state policies, we are snug and secure living the solar life.

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