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Thursday, 02 July 2015 05:36

pvjune152015 June Report

Half of 2015 is now history. The big question is: How has our 4,200 watt PV array done in this 21st year of our home? Accumulated output for six months is - 2,307 kWhrs of electricity. Those numbers allow for some less-than-sunny months this fall and early winter. That is well within our annual goal of 4,000 kWhrs! Here's the meter as of July 1st.

Plug-in Prius

The lease on my PiP (!) expired and I searched for a suitable hybrid to purchase. After touring the local auto dealers, a 2015 Camry caught my eye. In its first month, the MPG is averaging in the mid-40s and there are some short 3-mile roundtrips where the battery can deliver 60+ MPG. Very pleased. This should reduce our electric bill as well (More on that when the bill comes in).

Threat to Solar Growth in Maine

Governor LePage proposed several bills that would have reduced or eliminated net metering in our state. We testified before the PUC some 15 years ago to help create that state policy - now it's in joapardy. The legislature rightly failed to pass the proposed law, but vigilance is required when it rears its ugly head at the next legislative session. Here's the latest news from Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

A Solar Neighbor

Thought you'd enjoy a quick video clip from our QuadCamera of our next door neighbor's PV installation.

It's an 8,000 watt array facing more west than south as it was placed along the property line. The house is an all electric structure (electric heat!). The array is one way to reduce that power bill.

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