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Friday, 02 January 2015 20:52

PV Array Output

pvdec14Well, here we are starting a new year. Our PV output goal has been 4,000+ kWhrs/year and a check of the meter shows our 4,200 watt array generated 4,115 kWhrs in 2014. Phew! November and December were lousy months for sunshine - had we received the normal amount of sun, we would have easily exceeded 4,200, but the array and inverters continue to work well. Output in 2013 was 4,190.

Plug-in Prius 

fuelly14I'm now into the last year of my Prius Plug-In lease. Overall mileage is currently 164.3 mpg but in the summertime I've averaged over 300 mpg. It's all about range. This year, the temperature got into the 90s only one or two days which meant that the EV range peaked under 14 miles. The range is in its downward slope for the next few months - right now it's 10.4 miles.

Aerial View via GoPro & Phantom 2 Quadcopter

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