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Sunday, 01 June 2014 05:07

spinach14Finally, a dark and dreary May is over - the weather acted like it was April. We received lots of rain and clouds dominated the sky for the majority of the month. Here on June 1, the sky is clear and the temperature will be in the 70s. The great beneficiary of the cool/wet weather has been the spinach. I can finally take the plastic caps off the tomatoes. This picture shows a second cutting from last year's plants - there's anyways a silver lining if you look close enough.

pvmay14Having said that, our May PV production was 366 kWhrs which is around 100 kW below normal for May - that's still 1,791 kWhrs for the first five months of the year - lower than the average, but even a poor June will put us on course for our 4,000 kWhr annual goal - another silver lining.

fuelly514Finally, my Plugin Prius continues to gain battery-only range - now at 11.4 miles on its way to 14. Overall mpg is at 141.7 and growing.

This is the second spring for the vehicle and I remain pleased beyond expectation. My last fillup was in early May and as the graph indicates, I have reached the low plateau for fuel economy and the trend line is beginning (ever-so-slightly) to rise - another silver lining!

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