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Monday, 03 March 2014 10:53

snow14We've just been through a cold/wintry February here in Maine, and I'm pleased to report that our home kept us warm and cozy - as the sign says when you enter our state from New Hampshire: "The Way Life Should Be!"

pvfeb14Our 4.2 kW array generated 326 kWhrs in February, which is an improvement over the 273 kWhrs produced in January - incremental growth as the sun rises higher and is visible an additional minute each day.

Our front room temperature has ranged from a low of 68 at night to a high in the upper 70s (one day it hit 80.2!). Letting the natural solar gain fill the house with summertime warmth helps the internal temperature coast until the next morning when, for the majority of this past month, the sun restarts the 'refueling' process all over again.

Our solar tanks were heated up to 145 degrees on one day, generally reaching the high 130s during the sunny days of the month.

So passive solar gain added to an active solar thermal/radiant floor heating system means we bask in summer-like weather throughout the Maine winter. Is it any wonder that we want the word to get out: "Go Solar and Live Better! - The Way Life Should Be!"

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