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Friday, 01 November 2013 13:57

pvaug13PV Geneation: I skipped a month in my reporting - must have been the perfect August that lulled me into complaceny. So here is the two-month total: 760 kWhrs of electricity generated, averaging 380 per month. That puts us at a total of 3,687 kWhrs generated in the first 10 months of the year. Keeping in mind that our goal is 4,000+ kWhrs/year, only 313 kWhrs are needed to make that mark. Usually we hit 4,100.

priusnov13Plugin Prius: This was the first year that I had a summer experience with the vehicle. My overall gas mileage to date is 146 mpg! My current tank of gas shows 382 mpg! So far, I've traveled 2,112.8 miles on that tank.

fuellynov13I just filled up (Nov. 12th) and the numbers are impressive, if I do say so myself. I went 2,2628.6 miles on just one tank of gas! Since it was summertime, my range on the EV battery was strong, topping out at 14.1 miles (before the car goes over to the HV mode). I keep track of my fuel mileage on Fuelly.com and though they vary from what my Prius readout says, they are in the ballpark. Toyota told me I got 348 mpg, Fuelly figures 322 - either one is outstanding!

turkeysThanksgiving: The first 'gang' of turkeys ended up in our yard in October. While we've seen a stray bird from time to time, we were amazed when 19 showed up and strutted around the house before heading down the driveway. Living in Maine has many advantages, particularly the generally friendly wildlife that brightens our life.

Our home continues to perform well as we enter our 20th year of harvesting the Sun. As an investment, it paid for itself several years back, but as a lifestyle, it's unsurpassed.

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