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Thursday, 01 August 2013 18:00

PV Output: Ah, well...at some point during the last two weeks of July, I disconnected the PV feed to the inverters and didn't reconnect the circuit until near the end of the month. Why, you may ask? When there is a ferocious thunderstorm, I disconnected the inverters as a safety measure. pvjuly13That should be followed by a reconnect the next morning. Needless to say, I goofed and at least 10 days went by without generating any power. So that's why the PV output is but 243 kWhrs. Tsk, tsk.

Plugin Prius:

Moving on...the my car is 11 months old and is performing beyond expectations. The overall mpg since purchase is 131 and the mileage on my current gas tank, shown here, is 385mpg! I'm convinced this tank will last me at least three months, if not longer. Also notice that after a full charge, the EV battery will take me 14.1 miles - a new record.

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