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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 11:19

Overview: Well, after double checking the data for 2012, our Photovoltaic array output generated - are you ready? The total is 4,440 kWhrs. I had, over the years, used the January output numbers as the starting point instead of the previous month's numbers thus eliminating a full month of PV generation. I am greatly pleased at discovering my error.

pvdec12In December, we generated a mere 217 kWhrs - heavy cloud cover and snow storms really cut into the month's output. But, I'm pleased with the annual total. If I used the 11 month total, the result compares favorably with previous years.

evdec12Plug-In Prius: My overall MPG remains the same, at 112, which is an accomplishment considering the need for heat - the compressor comes on for approximately 5 minutes and then every once in a while.

The 11 mile range seen in this image is down approximately 20% from the warmer months - batteries lose capacity in colder weather. Fortunately, my local driving is still within that range. My last refueling was on November 12th!

Winter in our Solar House: We had several nights of below-zero weather in January of 2013 with daytime temperatures rising no higher than 8-10 degrees.

Extremely cold weather usually brings clear, crisp skies which means intense sun. The passive solar gain within our home usually causes that temperature to rise to 77 degrees by noon, followed by a gradual reduction in temperature as the day concludes. During the apex of the rise in temperature, we'll crack open a window or two to dissipate a bit of the heat. During the evening, the internal temperature will eventually return to 70 degrees and the radiant floor heat, using hot water from our water tanks in the basement, will kick in. The sun will have done its job beautifully.

The attached video describes a particularly sub-zero day - one which the house easily handled.

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