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Sunday, 02 December 2012 13:39

nov12Overview: We're headed toward the end of the year and the positive results are piling up. PV electricial output registered 310 kWhrs of electricity produced in November which brings us to 4,049 kWhrs year to date. We'll make our goal of 4,200 kWhrs for the year handily (our minimum goal is 4,000). Now that the approach of winter is chilling the air, the passive solar gain in the house on sunny days is a blessing - up to 78 degrees without the heat being on!

The Plugin Prius is still doing nicely at 111 mpg. I notice that as the temperature in the garage declines, the capacity of the battery has declined from 13 miles to 11.5. Still, not too shabby a way to pass by the gas station - under power generating by the sun.

Amazing!: From time-to-time, this site attracts solar pioneers who have made a significant impact on the industry - witness Andy Baker of Anchorage Alaska. His company is using cold sea water to heat the Alaska SeaLife Center, replacing 500 gallons of heating oil a day! Best way to view the 'unbelieveable' is to go here. Thanks, Andy for contacting us.

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